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I tried this, and they got smaller in just two days... after the first they looked bigger, but the second they were smallest they have been. (i have only done it for two nights, but the results were enough to make me have to share)

This worked for my Genital Warts.

Do this right before bed.

1) Press one GARLIC CLOVE,and mix into a little bit of LEMON JUICE.

2) wash the area and pat dry

3) Using a Q-Tip rub some of the garlic, lemon juice mix onto wart(s), be sure to have pieces of garlic sitting on them.

4) Leave on for 30 Minutes (there may be a slight burning sensation but it really wasn't very much)

5) Wipe off

6) Keep the are dry over night, Some people were saying use a paper towel but I used a 'Non-Adherant Sterile Pad'

The ACV Remedy seems to be to strong for sensitive areas like genital regions, So the Lemon Juice is a Less harsh alternative, I also read that onion and lemon juice works so you can try that too if you don't have Fresh Garlic.

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I done this last night and has shown tremendous results this morning! Thank you so much for sharing this!

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