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Okay, I burnt my fingers grabbing a hot plate my daughter left on the stove that she pulled out of the oven. I walk in the kitchen (picking up after her)! I did not realize the plate was hot and it instantly burned my fingers that I grabbed it with. I immediately ran cold water on it and put ice pack on it. The problem was that the second I took my finger off the ice pack, immediate pain returned. So I came to this website to find home remedies. One of the things I read was about honey, and since I had some in my pantry, I tried it. I was amazed it immediately took the pain away! My honey was just your average store bought natural honey. It was crystallized a little bit because I had it for a while. But it worked, I can keep it off the ice and no pain.

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This always works for me! You only need about 1-2 drops of honey: it'll spread. You should never put a burn under water, because the pain will come back even worse then before. Just put on the honey, and your good to go!


I cannot believe this really worked!!! I had it under cold water and ice and I even showered. It still did not feel better it was about 4 hours later. I was considering going to the hospital. I discovered this website and I thought about the honey idea. I just rubbed honey on my hand sat for 15 minutes and then rinsed it off with cold water and my hand is not burning anymore! I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS! My hand is swollen still, but at least the burning stopped.

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