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Hi everyone, my P started 18years ago, when i was 15. All steroid creams and ointment's effects were temporary and last up to 2-3 months, after that P returned in more places and covering more of my body. I stopped visiting Dr.s and GP as most of them had an approch that P can't be cured and keep giving same medicine, now probably same as many of you i know more about psoriasis that GP.
The first big improvement i had when i was 21, on my student program in USA, probably the climate difference from East Europe had an effect as i ate and drank everything, hadn't used any medicine at all and my skin was free of P 100%.
It last around 8 month, then P returned with small dots in armpit and then apeared on my legs, arm, waist, loins, scalp. The steroid medicine help to control it, but P never dissapered again untill year ago.
I tried different diets (haven't ate citrus fruits for over 2 years, haven't drank beer more than 8 months, quit smoking for 2 years...), sometimes P became better but all of my efforts were unsucsesfull.
I was losing hope to find the cure but i found Kartalin cream is a non-hormonal, made from Three-lobe Beggarticks (Bidens tripartita), Chamomile, vitamins A and D, lysozyme, honey, eucalyptus and lavender oil, salicylic acid and solidol. Made in Tomsk, Russia.
My friend brought it from Moscow a year ago, i was amazed of its effectivenes on my body, have to say never thought that the P places can almost fully heal over the night.
First i used Kartalin a year ago and plague places on my legs, waist and arms fully disapeared and never came back after stoping treatment, hope it never will.
Now i have only few spots that still appears after 1-2 month when i stop applying Kartalin, it's on my scalp and hand palm and i guess this is because i can't find enough time to properly apply cream (need to shave my head), and i don't use any other drugs, vitamines or other chemistry.

Probably Kartalin won't be so effective for every P case, but i know only 2 friends with P and it worked for both. Please let me know if anyone had some side effect using Kartalin. The only one bad thing about it i can say - it smells, but it better be smelly but effective.
Also i found sauna soup that doesn't dry skin, so that was really good for me before i used Kartalin.
If you have any questions let me, know. I can also send a tube of Kartalin as i have brought few dozens.
Laurence -

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Sir I want that kartalin can I get thru medical shops otherwise can u pls send one tube to me my address

Velakalnatham (vill&post)
Tirupattur (t.k)
Vellore (dist)



i don't know if you have Kartalin in India, you can try to contact manufacturer, they probably will know better. Send me a letter as i can't post a link in this forum.


True, everybody is different. I tried the baths of The Dead sea water few times, it kind of worked first week but no long lasting effect, and depending on P condition it may be really paintfull. My skin was cracked in several places so to take a 'salt' bath longer than 5min it's a challange.


My son suffers from P really bad can you send me a tube? Would be VERY greatful


To Coleen: please email me


Hello, my name is Ivana and I am coming from Slovenia. I have a problem with my skin since 2008. I must say that I am a doctor in fact a specialist of internal medicine. In 2008 my dermatologist tell me that I have one form of contact dermatitis, he also prescribe me a cirtico cream but it wasn't better. Later that year we decide to make skin biopsy and i got it- my diagnose: psoriasis guttate. I must say that I tray everything ( puva, cortico cream, diavobet, diavonex, prednisolon) and nothing!!! I talk with my dermatologyst about imunosupressive therapy but we decide to wait because I am stil young and I also would like to have a children. In august when I came back home from my vacation I haf an eruption of ' guttate plaques', I cry every day, I also look on internet to find something, anithing to help me. So, I read about Kartalin and I decide to order and try. 10 days later I start with it, in the first time I use it only on my left leg and after 5 days I apply it on my hole body (guttate form). Now I can say that Kartalin helped me, only 7 days after starting I had a better skin, the plaques start to change color and now I can say that they desapered. Dear friend if you have a problem with psoriasis, try Kartalin, in my case it was miracle!


Hi, I read your story about Kartalin and
I am using it also for my psoriasis.
It really works for me. I've tried lots
of things and I have psoriasis for 55 years. My hands were looking very bad and
I put on some Kartalin and the psoriasis
goes away.
Here is the side where you can order

Matt Dallas

I used kartalin and it did not work for me. Maybe it is only me. The first 10 days it was looking good ... after that my P got worse. Just for y'all FYI.


I have had psoriosis for almost 10 years and have tried all sorts of remedies. I had give up trying till one day I found Kartalin on Amazon. I gave it a try 6 days ago, using once a day and today almost a week later the psoriosis has almost vanished. I am now going to complete the treatment on other patches.
I had become a total sceptic till I found Kartalin. Now I keep it by me always.


Kartalin has worked on me since September. New spots emerge and are gone in 2 weeks or so. I buy from Amazon. Kartalin was shipped from Lithuania.

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