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ANYONE WITH BV PLEASE READ THIS: I'm ready to shout from the hilltops!!!! I've had BV for about 4 years now, a very chronic case. Tried all the antibiotics and creams from the Drs. They worked but after I had my period it would come back. The smell was ridiculous. If I was standing in line at the store I could smell it!!!! I was surfing the net and found this home remedy . I brought boric acid from the pharmacy. The bottle says 100% but it was in the isle with peroxide, tea tree oil, etc. It says not for internal use, but I brought it anyway. I also bought folic acid tablets 400 Mgs, size 0 empty gel capsules and fem dolphilus. I got the probiotic ( which was refrigerated) and the gel capsules from the Vitamin Shoppe. When I got home I made up the capsules inserted one using a tampon applicator, took 2 folic acid pills and one fem dolphilus. I woke up the next morning no smell no discharge!!! I actually cried!!! For years I was spending money on antibiotics and they were not really working, I spent about $30 and have been cured in one day. It's been 3 days since I started and plan on using the capsules once a day for a week then stop but will continue with the folic acid and probiotic. I will update again after my period. Please try this I know how embarrassing and frustrating BV can be, but I think I've finally found a cure!!!!

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Hi i was not surevfrom your posting on what went into the emptybgel capsules, boric acid? Please post recipe ifnu can. Thanks


Hi.. So iv been suffering with the same read currant bv for about 4years now and I like yourself could not take it any longer. I have been doing a lot of research and I think I finally got it. I normally get bv after sex. So I wasn't surprise that it happened again after having sex. I was so tired of going to the doctors I decided to take this into my own hand. I purchase a 3% hydrogen peroxide (you can find this at any pharmacy) and a plastic syringe. I a small amount into a cup and during my shower I basically 'douche' with the Hp. If you want u can also dilute it with water but I decided to do it straight up. I did this 3-4 time during my shower and once I was finish there was no fishy smell.. It was gone,, I was so happy. It's been a week and I have been douching with this hp. Towards the end of the week I diluted the solution to half hp and half water. So far so good.
I also order boric acid off line and gelliten capsule wich I will be inserting into my vagina just to give it another booste of acidity. I'm going to do the hp wash and boric acid capsule for a week or two as well as take my acidophilus capsule and eat plenty of yogurt. I'm convince this has to work. Iv done so much research that it has to work. I haven't had sex since my last episode and I won't have it until this bv is finally gone. When I do decide to have sex I read that after sex I should pee, wash my vagina and for extra measures I will 'douche' with the hydrogen period to give back the acidity your vagina needs to be happy and healthy.. So that my story and I hope this helps you guys put there.


The hydrogen peroxide does not give your vagina acidity. The HP kills the BV with the HP because HP has oxygen in it and BV is caused by anaerobic bacteria (it can't survive when oxygen is present). You described a lot of douching. Douching harms the natural flora of the vagina. Don't do it so much or you could be causing the bv by killing the good bacteria. Please do some more research. This cure may work initially but you should be flooding the vagina with acidophilus and things of that nature not douching for a week straight. Be careful. Doctors advise women not to douche at all now a days.

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