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40 year old virgin to-be

This is my 5th year of having BV. I first got it when i was 14/15 randomly one day at school & smelt fishy all of a sudden. I told my mum constantly and she didnt believe me, saying it was just thrush.
Last year (4 years on) i finally decided to go to the doctors by myself, i've had some antibiotics- had a few repeats of taking tablets, but recently used a cream that i vaginally inserted, this lasted me about 2 months (first 2 months i've actually been happy in during the past 5 years). I find that my period smells too, which is really off putting. I've tried taking acidophilus pills( bit of an effect at first along with Vit D tablets), tried the vitamin c pill insertion but wasnt as effective, also the apple cider vinegar bath which only lasted the night. Drinking alcohol makes it smell worse & it's so embarrassing. I've just turned 20 this year & haven't done anything sexual with a boy, nor do i plan to with this horrible infection, which is a really sad thought. I can't even go to the gym b/c i smell when i run or do aerobic exercise. I wear a liner everyday and am so paranoid. It is honestly ruining my life and is extremely depressing thinking i'm going to have to live with this for the rest of my life. I should be having the time of my life, not worrying about smelling every second of the day. Sorry for the long story but i just want people to know they aren't the only one. Hopefully one day i can live without smelling like fish, to be happy & not worry. Ps. i'm going to try the hydrogen peroxide remedy. Really appreciate these treatments & glad i''m not the only one suffering.

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What was the cream that you used to stop it?


Try birth control. I had the same thing. I'm now almost 40 and had to stop taking it and I'm right back where I was just like you when I was 20. It's something hormonal...


I'm just like u i been going to the doctor getting antibiotics for the bv and it just comes back after a few months imm try that peroxide to i pray it works because i hate the smell of it


I completely feel your pain, and understand your frustration. I'm in my early 30's and have been dealing with this crap for far too long antibiotics only work for a month or so then it's right back. i'm very thankful for this site, and I look forward to trying some of these remedies. Hang in there it will be over soon......I HOPE

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