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Angels Imput

Im a Certified Dental Assistant! The Best to use on an exposed Nerve is 1st thing Most important get to a Dentist as soon as possible but what to use is called 'DENTEMP' you can get it over the counter around the orajel or toothpaste. It's a putty/ paste like substance in a little Blue cup looking thing that you can pack in the tooth that will harden an set within an hour or until seen by your Dentist. Orajel an Pain relievers work to a certain extent but this WORKS PERFECT!!! An it has natural Nerve relaxers in it;) Hope this Helps, cause there is a lot of childish comments out there on how to get rid of the pain:/

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Ok I SWEAR BY THIS, Take a Liquid Aleve & a tooth pick & pop a hole in the top. Ues the toothpick to drip a drop or 2 into the hole or a Q-tip and just let it sit. Be careful not to get the liquid on your gums or tongue it BURNS!!!!!!! It literally Melts the pain away & lasts 8-12hrs!!!!!! U can use the toothpick to plug the aleve hole n use it a few times. Going to apply this & then the Dentex or whatever it is. GOOD LUCK & JESUS SO SORRY!!!!!! HURTS WORSE THEN ANYTHING!!!!!!!!! P.s if it does get onto gums or tongue rinse warm water. Prolly do warm salt swish 1st to clean out & then apply!!!!!!! ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

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