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Angels Imput

Im a Certified Dental Assistant! The Best to use on an exposed Nerve is 1st thing Most important get to a Dentist as soon as possible but what to use is called 'DENTEMP' you can get it over the counter around the orajel or toothpaste. It's a putty/ paste like substance in a little Blue cup looking thing that you can pack in the tooth that will harden an set within an hour or until seen by your Dentist. Orajel an Pain relievers work to a certain extent but this WORKS PERFECT!!! An it has natural Nerve relaxers in it;) Hope this Helps, cause there is a lot of childish comments out there on how to get rid of the pain:/

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OMG!!! It works so well thank God!!! I have a hole in my tooth with an exposed nerved which gave me the most excruciating pain. My classmates told me about Dentemp the best thing on this earth!!! I haven't had pain in months nor have I been to see the dentist but I will soon.


My whole tooth is gone it was digging food out of it and ripped it out. Mow I can feel the nerve throw every now n then OMG what have I done? Any suggestions 4 me?


Anybody can go to a dentist as long as there is one to go to. My filling (and part of the tooth) fell just prior to Christmas 2013; although I called the dentist three times he never returned my calls so I will look for another. In the meantime I was blessed with very little discomfort until today--five weeks later--and I am looking for some home remedies. I don't use products that contain fluoride, potassium nitrate or strontium nitrate i.e. Sensodyne however I do use natural toothpastes and rinses. After using biotyne mouthwash I used a heavy salt water rinse (maybe I should have done that first)and the pain has subsided. Although I have some orajel liuqid I prefer to use clove oil or something natural. And while I have access to whiskey I cannot drink alcohol so I had to skip that tempting remedy. Pain is not necessarily a bad thing. It is meritorious to suffer it and offer these sufferings in union with those that Jesus suffered, for our redemption, on the Cross.


It's clear you need to leave the dental advice up to an actual dentist. I took your advice and tried the product mentioned and I have never felt that level of pain in my life. The nerve pain is 10 times worse now; thank you for the advice. After I painfully removed the product, I washed my mouth out with bourbon and the advice about the whiskey is correct. My pain level reduced tremendously, still more than before I put the packing on the tooth but much better now.


Didn't work worth a shit for me and my dentist said it was the worst thing to use, that it could infection and even more pain!!!


This approach is not a practical approach because it is temporary fix. Home remedies are supposed to be alternate cures to common issues not temporary fixes that could cost you money at the dental offices. True is there are plenty of great remedies out there.


Try this method... Didn't work for me. I used it then it started to harden n it was touching the nerve the pain was worse than b4 I was trying to dig it back out the tooth eventually It stop hurting after it started to wear off..I guess different strokes for different people...if it dnt harm u U should try it Until u visit a dentist... Right now any Sensitive toothpaste and 2 Goodie powders work for me...Good Luck


Dentamax which is the same kinda putty worked great for me. I swished rum to get the instant hurt down, then I rolled the putty into a ball and pressed it down. It is true that it might hurt for a lil while longer as the putty is setting but if you do it correctly it will help covered the exposed nerve. You need to do it before bed and not eat or drink nothing for hours to let it harden.


as of right now I will say this is working to a minimal im not in excruciating pain but its defiantly not doing wonders we will see if I can get some sleep tonight hoping to get into an oral surgeon this week


I have some stuffed in my tooth right now, and yes it does help, a lot!!! I can still feel the pain a little bit here and there, mostly when I lay down. But I just put a little orajel on it and it goes away!!

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