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Angels Imput

Im a Certified Dental Assistant! The Best to use on an exposed Nerve is 1st thing Most important get to a Dentist as soon as possible but what to use is called 'DENTEMP' you can get it over the counter around the orajel or toothpaste. It's a putty/ paste like substance in a little Blue cup looking thing that you can pack in the tooth that will harden an set within an hour or until seen by your Dentist. Orajel an Pain relievers work to a certain extent but this WORKS PERFECT!!! An it has natural Nerve relaxers in it;) Hope this Helps, cause there is a lot of childish comments out there on how to get rid of the pain:/

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Omg!!! Thank you sooo much for this advice!!! It was a GODSEND!!! I've been having excruciating tooth pain for 4 days straight. I've tried it all... Vanilla extract, Orajel, Anbesol, cloves, garlic, crushed aspirin, alcohol (topical AND oral. Lol)... The Dentek is the ONLY thing that worked. It was $9.00 for a 'dentek first aid' kit. Came with instant pain reliever and 2 packs of putty. Never wpul've known what it was if it wasn't for this post!!! Thanks again :)


In my case the whole side of my tooth is gone and I used this and it made it wayyyy worse than it already was.


I am also using that tonight and I am still in agony. It seemed to make it worse for myself also....


I tried it but it did not stay in my tooth? Still in pain!


Yes, finally! I was in so much pain and having to swish/sip ice water every few seconds to keep the pain to a minimum. This did wonders for me. It's not the easiest stuff to work with, I had to keep pressing it into place (mouth wide open, drooling all over myself) to get it to stick, but instantly I felt better. I haven't touched a sip of water in over an hour. I think I might get some sleep tonight after all. Thank you!


Ha ha got to try this I'm a cold water sipper too My pain comes and goes , it's not hurting now but I should go get some until I figure out how I'm
Getting my tooth fixed


I have to admit, this has truly been a relief. I have had many a root canal and nothing has relieved the pain prior to then this. No painkiller needed, just cover it up and let if relax. The pain eventually subsides. Just be careful not to floss/brush it out. Instant pain again. Thanks again. Helped so much.


the side of my tooth was gone also, it made it worse than it was .. it push on the nerve I was in tears .. although I have use this product with another tooth and yes it did work.. but not this time ... I guess it depends on the condition of the tooth ..


It doesn't work or at least not for me


Pushing that putty on the nerve is a bad idea. It'll send a shooting pain through your tooth. Sensodyne is amazing and should be given a chance

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