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I woke up with a horrific / excruciating pain in in my lower left jaw. It hurt so bad, I couldn't tell which tooth was hurting. My jaw was noticeably swollen & my gums were somewhat inflamed.

The dentist x-rayed my teeth TWICE. They couldn't find the problem. Yet, they scheduled a root canal to 'explore' each tooth to find the problem. I told them no thanks & went online to find a remedy. They gave me antibiotics (1 week supply). I used 3 days worth until I could get my hands on Oregano Oil Capsules.

After much trail, I compiled this inexpensive solution: (Diligence & cleanliness is the key here).
This remedy MAY work for you. It certainly did for me!

The pain was manageable in a week. It's been 4 weeks & I'm pain & sensitivity free. I intend to use this remedy, w/o Motrin, for a long time.

You will need:
DMSO helps the Oregano Oil absorb into the teeth & gum area faster. It is also a great pain reliever.
Oregano Oil drops. It is natures antibiotic & pain reliever.
Oregano Oil Capsules - used in place of prescribed antibiotics.
Use Chapstick to protect your delicate lip area when using Oregano Oil.
Celtic sea salt will help remineralize your teeth
I did not eat sugar or bread at this time.
IMMEDIATE PAIN RELIEF - I took 2 - 3 MOTRINS for pain every 4 hours or as needed. I did this for 1.5 weeks straight. After Week 2, I used Motrin occasionally. Week 3 - no need for Motrin.
BRUSHING MY TEETH - AFTER the Motrin did it's job, I gently flossed. Used mini tooth brushes called Wisps & Pro Enamel toothpaste. I rinsed my mouth with lukewarm water & Celtic sea salt as much as the sensitivity would allow.
KILL INFECTION - #1 - ChapStick for my lips. #2 - Soak a Q-tip in a couple drops of Oregano Oil & 1/8 teas of DMSO. Apply mix to my painful teeth & gums. I put my mix in a tiny glass jar with a lid. I carried Motrin & my tooth mix everywhere, just in case. 1 Oregano Oil Capsule every 4 hours with piece of bread or crackers.
BEFORE A MEAL: I dabbed the inflammed area with the Oregano Oil & DMSO mix, waited 5 min then I ate / drank my chicken soup. If possible make your own natural soup.
BEDTIME & UPON WAKING: I took 2-3 Motrins for pain & swabbed my teeth & gums with the DMSO & Oregano mix. 1 Oregano Oil Capsule every 4 hours with piece of bread or crackers.

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You doing to much -_-


I think you need to take probiotics about two or more hours, after oregano oil. My ND told me he like Allimed which is a super, duper potent garlic, and it is pricey I had oregano oil, but my ND told me he preferred garlic since it doesn't hurt stomach flora I used wild oregano oil and sea salt with Dmso and few drops of sterilized water on all problems areas in jaw pain


BIOCIDIN and garlic are both strong natural antibiotics capabilities especially for dental issues

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