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Good morning. I am a Woman of 31 years and for the last five years I had a really bad case of bv I tried everything I found antibiotics made it more severe. So I started years and years of studying and trying this and that and I found Acidophilus and for the last two months I have not smelt that shameful smell of a dieing fish Inside my vagina. I will post again in a few months but so far for the first time in 5 years I am smell free :)))

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Do you swallow or insert

sam S.A

this has turned my lyf upside down.wen i thnk of it it depresses me and i somtymz cry.i feel lyk thrs no hop for me 2b free of this condition.i hv tried bakin soda,viniger and plain yoghurt also garlic bt it does nt seem to cure me.i sumtymz feel suicidal and i nw hv a very low self-esteem.frm all thse post ppl say antibiotics r jst temporary and i thnk i'l b wastin my tym and money to go c a doc.i dnt knw wat to do any more. My lyf is jst on hold !!! :((

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