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For dizzy spells, Grab an ice bag for the back of your neck. Sit or lay down and place on the BACK side of your neck. It will bring you out of it quick.
I get dizzy spells often (anxiety related) and I keep a water bottle half frozen with me at all times. Place a water bottle half full in your freezer, allow to freeze solid. When you are ready to go you can fill it up the rest of the way. The ice will last a long time if you purchase a bottle cozy, and you will have fresh cold water to sip (helps too).

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it worked right away!


this remedy worked right away. I was dizzy since i had waken up in the morning, and once i put the ice bag on the back of my neck, it worked in a couple minutes!!! unbelievable!!!




Did not do anything try fresh air instead it doesn't fix it but it helps a little bit

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