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I had been having recurrent BV infections for a little over a year. I tried the hydrogen peroxide and that didn't seem to work very well. I also tried plain yogurt and that didn't work well either. I read somewhere online that the vagina should not be washed with soap, just plain, warm water. I started to skip the soap. At the same time I took probiotic tabs and did a 5 day regiment of inserting q-tips soaked in t-tree oil 2 times per day. I am happy to say that i have not been experiencing BV symptoms for about 3 months now. I stopped taking the probiotics about a month and a half in and have not done any t-tree treatments since. Boy, was i happy today when i saw the doc and she confirmed that I am indeed BV free. Seems the key ingredient was the skipping of the soap for me. Hope this helps someone else, because it was extremely distressing for me.

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Did you duilt the tea tree oil? What kind of tea tree oil?


I used 100% pure t-tree oil. I didnt dilute it...probably should have because it burned. Like I said though, I believe it was the soap that was causing it. Before skipping the soap, it would always come back no matter what I used. Im happy that the cure is as simple as letting my vagina clean itself. I think the bad bacteria feed off the ingredients in soap. Skipping soap gives both good and bad bacteria equal chances to survive. The vagina is healthy then because both are in proper balance.


Omg the t tree oil burned sooooo bad...what should I dilute it with?

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