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I'm 20 years old and recently my hair just started falling off like crazy. It got to the point where I was left with about less than half of what I had, but this works like magic.

Remedy: A shampoo mixture

Ingredients: Aloe Vera plant, shampoo

Take the piece of aloe vera plant and put it in boiling water. Make sure to moniter it closely. You don't want to leave it there too long. About 2-3 min will do.

Cut the aloe vera plant and get the gel part out. Put it in a blender and blend until its liquid.
It will get foamy, but don't worry about that.

Take a bottle of your favorite shampoo, I try to keep it simple though.

Divide the shampoo into two bottles. Divide the aloe vera into the two bottles so each bottle has half shampoo and half aloe vera gel.

Shake well and use every day. It is an amazing product. I was going crazy because I lost so much hair, but this helped me. I hope you all have the same results!!

Note: Some of you are going to ask if you can use bottled aloe vera gel, and although i have tried it a couple of times it really does not compare to the real thing. I strongly advise that if you are going to use bottled aloe vera gel please PLEASE buy the 100% natural one. IT NEEDS TO BE CLEAR. Not green or any other color. Buy the most natural one you can find.

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Why will you boil it first? When you blend it do you use water?


I'm not too sure why you boil it to be honest but that is how they taught me.
Its easier to cut out the gel first and then with a small strainer boil the gel part.

Put a bit of the water you boiled the aloe Vera in and blend it.


I think you boil it so it would last longer when mixing it with the shampoo


could you please tell me the quantity of shampoo for a leaf of aloe vera...


You can put as much or as little as you want. I tend to fill half a bottle of shampoo with aloe vera and then fill the rest with the shampoo.


Which shampoo do u use


My hair are falling and i am also going bald on frontal parts of my heard from two sides. I am sure this would help me but would i get hairs on the parts where i have lost lot of hair.


What time should this be used and what type of shampoo bottle?


which shampoo do u use ?


do i use it daily and donot rinse?

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