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I have tried every single remedy you all posted here. I feel like you are all my friends! But, nothing worked for me. Not the salt water, not the clove, not the teabag, not the hydrogen peroxide...nothing. In panic mode, I decided to be daring. I grabbed the jar of Icy/Hot in my medicine cabinet. I rubbed a little on the side of my face (outside...not inside) and the pain I had been experiencing for hours had finally disappeared in a matter of minutes. It didn't take much Icy/Hot. Just a dab on the cheek where the pain was. I then took a Tylenol PM, and I slept like I had never slept before for a complete six hours without pain. This was a miracle cure for me. It worked so much better than Orajel (which only works for about 37 seconds and tastes nasty) and clove (which burned!). I hope this works for you as well. Good luck. I know toothache pain is hell.

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Thanks so much! this really worked!


I just had days of pain so bad that I considered going to the ER...I finally came home and put an Ice pack (the kind you get to put in your lunch; I'm not sure a homemade one with ice in baggies would help as much)
Anyway, I held it on there for about 30 minutes and all the pain has been gone for hours!!!! I'm SO THANKFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Omg!!!! This really doed works. ..well as least for now, thank you for da idea.


I going to try it

p good

This and a cotton ball with mouthwash is really help @ 2:00 in the morning finally some relief! Thanks!!!!


Yes i have the ixy hot patches and just put on on my cherck were the pain was and i can feel the pain easing up thank u so much


icy hot didn't work for me, I also tried liquor swished and held in my mouth, the oral gel and ice pack, all tonight as well as pain pills

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