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Th key to prevent acne is keeping your face clean the whole day, free from oils and dirt. Acne only occurs when your skin pores are blocked, either by its own oil excretions (that's the most likely way), or by touching the pores with your own hands, which contain oil or dirt most of the time. The only way to keep your face clean the whole day is to wash it whenever you feel that it is starting to get oily. For me that's about 4 to 5 times a day. The trick however is that you have to wash it with a very mild moisturizing soap, and not your regular bar soap. Because if you wash it with regular face soap five times a day, your face will become very dry and irritated. Mild moisturizing soap however will not cause irritation or much dryness. This method has succeeded in reducing the occurence of acne by 90% for me. It might not be the easiest, but it works. P.S. The soap brand that I use is 'Caress', but any mild moisturizing soap will do.

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It might not work for you, and to start is expensive, but the bottles last for six-14 months.. try

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