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I have had Gh for 14 years now.The remedy is alcohol and yeast infection cream medicine. Apply the alcohol after taking a bath with a q-tip on the breakout its going to burn but is clean it first. Next apply the yeast infection cream medicine it helps out with the burning and itching.If your break out are in your private area I advise you to you use a q-tip why applying the yeast infection medicine, if you use your hand make sure that you wash your hands will with anti bacteria soap, and ladies to make it comfortable use a panty liner and I guess the guys can do the same. And it clears up within 3 days no less than a week. you can buy alcohol in yeast infection cream medicine at any store Walmart Walgreens the Dollar Store ect. Also if you have it on your skin do the same treatment like I mentioned earlier, but rub the yeast infection medicine and your skin like lotion on the infected part only. I hope this help someone out!!!!!

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OMG!!! My first breatout I thought it was a yeast infection so I used yeast infection cream. BAD MOVE! It only made things worse. I couldn't walk for 3 days. I don't advise this at all.


Agreed!! Monistat or similar treatments to treat GH is the worst thing you can do!


This does not work fir me at all! In fact the anti-yeast always makes my symptoms worse and spreads the itching and burning all around. It's how I know I don't have a yeast infection however.


Yeah. My first outbreak started with Monistat. I thought I had a yeast infection, took some cream to clear it up, and BAM. Worst


Worst pain of my life. I don't advise this ladies!

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