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I had my first plantar wart when I was a teenager and ended up having that one frozen off over 2 sessions by a dermatologist.

Then another one came back and I tried, on and off to get rid of it for a few years. Then I got slack and ended up passing the virus (probably through using the same shower) to my toddler daughter. Out of sight, out of mind until my 15 year old daughter showed me her foot one day and she had 5 very large, ugly plantar warts on her feet. The guilt was tremendous and inside I was devastated I had done this to my little girl. Right there and then, I resolved that no matter what, this time I would not stop until all our warts were gone.

It took my daughter and I about 15 months to get rid of our plantar warts. This probably could have been shortened to 12 months if some days of treatment were not missed.

Now they are gone, we are literally thanking God and want to encourage others to not give up.

We found the following the most potent remedies to get rid of plantar warts:
1. Prayer for them to be gone for good!
2. Sense of humour!
3. Neat apple cider vinegar soaked on cotton balls 24/7 for about the first week. Secure the cotton balls with strong sticking plasters. Wrap foot in bandage. This is the worst phase as there is intense pain, but keep going as the vinegar cuts through big warts very well and quite quickly. When the warts start to look like white craters, this is good. Use clean tweezers daily to remove the excess/dying white skin whilst the skin is still soft.
4. After a week or two the warts will be much flatter. Then move onto soaking foot in very strong, warm apple cider vinegar solution once a day for about 15 minutes. Continue using tweezers to remove soft skin that will pull away off wart. Then put a cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar covered by sticking plaster on at night only until warts are small.
5. Once the warts are small, use either Scholl Wart Removal System (disks with 40% salicylic acid) or Duofilm Solution (16.7% salicylic acid and 16.7% lactic acid) to finish getting rid of them. Both of these remedies are good because they are relatively pain free and non-messy. Continue always to remove the dying wart/excess white skin from the top of and surrounds of the wart. If you don't do this, the solutions can't penetrate the skin properly.
6. Keep going with either remedy in no.5 for about 2 weeks after the warts appear to have gone. Even one 'black dot' from the heart of the wart can grow into another wart.
7. At any time of treatment, walking barefoot along the beach, allowing the sand and sea water to touch the wart definitely aids the healing process.

So that you don't infect/re-infect other family members during treatment(eg using the same shower), always have the warts covered with something (eg a band aid) and all members of the family affected with plantar warts should be treated simultaneously.

With the tweezers I used, I never shared the same ones with my daughter and they went through the dishwasher every night for sterilising.

Please don't give up in getting rid of the warts. Persistence will pay off and the feeling when they are finally gone is worth it.

I am so grateful that when I look at our feet now, there is NO TRACE OF THE WARTS AT ALL! Hallelujah!

PS For those who don't believe in the power of prayer, I had a growing HPV(?) type lesion on the side of my face in my hairline for about 8 years. I just kept praying year after year that it would be healed because it was getting quite ugly, sore and itchy. One day I woke up and it was gone. I am not kidding. Thank you God!

Anyway, I really hope that this is an encouragement to someone out there. I don't usually comment on forums but being healed of these things was very emotional and I want to give God the glory for ultimately healing us.

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Oh for fucks sake, god had nothing to do with healing your shitty wort! More like you hardly shower or clean your feet! Stop preaching your god bullshit to everyone, no one cares you moron!


I care. Praise God!


Thank you for being honest and giving the credit to God. Thanks also, for the handy info.

secular humanist

The cursing and rudeness was not necessary at all but I agree that god has nothing to do with healing a wart or a wound that lingered and finally healed. I have plenty of miracles in my life but none of them attributed to a ficttional character made up greedy men who bleed people dry to support their 'holy' causes. I can be kind, generous, and healthy without your god.


Wow, some people must be really insecure to get so riled up about a comment about God! If this woman chooses to believe that God or a higher power helped to heal her, how is that hurting anyone? More power to her! If you don't share those beliefs, just disregard them, don't judge.


Praise God for His faithfulness! May the lost have ears to hear and a heart that is receptive to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour. May they know how much God loves them and be saved. Thank you for sharing:)

blessed one

PRAISE GOD!! That is one of the unlimited proofs of God's Love and mercy and unfortunately Satan uses it to darken souls so more prayer for that...




How long were you using the acid part of your treatment? I have been using ACV for 5 months and they got really small but wouldn't quite heal with just the ACV so I bought the wart stick and have been using it for about a week but I was just curious what portion of the 15 months were devoted to the salicylic acid. Thank You!


UM, the problem with giving the Glory of God the credit for healing an 8 yr old ulcerated HPV lesion, is that, like trying apple cider vinegar because it is suggested here, people may take this 'medical advice'. And they may actually be the victim of some disease that presents a lesion that then 'heals' while the disease continues to progress within their body. Note that the lesion mentioned is at her hairline, not a plantar wart, which are pretty harmless though annoying and sometimes painful.

Frankly, everyone on here has cured plantar warts with, and ONLY WITH, diligent and sustained application of a particular external treatment, and I am pretty sure most of us didn't pray to God one iota re our plantar warts. So it is unlikely that He intervened in this case either... and certainly didn't bother when she was a teen, or any time since, until she stuck to the same tried and true physical material world applications that every one else used. It is like 1000 people treating lice with lice shampoo, and being diligent at removing the nits, or them coming back, and one person saying that they had a huge problem with lice and them coming back until they used the lice shampoo regularly and removed the nits faithfully, and it is all to the credit of prayer to the Glory of God that they are lice free.

It makes no sense. And obviously she didn't forgo the same treatments as everyone else, so obviously the treatments minus prayer work, but prayer minus the treatments doesn't work. And certainly, like drinking a glass of water each time you use the treatments for plantar warts, or singing a nursery rhyme backwards, or pinching your nose, or clicking your tongue three times, if you do it (praying) at the same time as diligently treating your warts, it is going to 'work'.

As for the lesion near the hairline... I really hope that the original poster gets that looked at. It could be symptomatic of skin cancer, a systemic infection, a deficiency, all kinds of things. Many diseases have rashes, lesions etc that 'heal' as the first phase, and then the disease continues to attack the liver, or the brain, or whatnot when the lesion is gone... and the sufferer thinks they are healed (Glory to God!).

So no, please don't use prayer as a cure for your viral lesions, and just as singing nursery rhymes or your favorite song will comfort you, and perhaps that will help you through some hardships, praying cannot do you wrong, as long as you don't rely on it alone, or give it credit.

After all, God didn't bother with all these other people's plantar warts, and lets people who pray faithfully suffer from and die of horrible lesions and diseases hundreds of thousands of times daily.

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