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I had toenail fungus down both sides of the nail for two years,tryed everything nothing worked UNTILL I read about vicks vapo rub.put it on nail and cover tightly with electricial duck tape,leave for 24 hours, keep repeatint giving a few hours with nothing,nails look nearly perfect after 2 months

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Would the off brand vapor rub work as well as the original Vicks vapor rub???

ana alicia

I had my toe nail remove in 2009 since then my
Toe nail only grow half way and stop growing forward then would keep growing up, now my toe nail came off, please can y'all give me a advice how to treat this, I am pretty sure there is a fongus under all off this, I don't want to go to the doctor, then he's gonna give me some expensive medicine that is not even gonna work, please help me I want to see my real toe nail and use nice open shoes.


THANK YOU to the person who suggested vinegar, and Vick's. I am SO looking forward to trying that remedy. I believe it will work.


I tried lamisil, which worked for awhile, but it came back ,, tried generic lamisil twice , didn't work,, the prescription nail lacquer is a waste of money and I got it for free.. My best results were from tree tea oil,, this is what they use to treat mold remediation in homes. And toenail fungus is a mold, made sense and works.


Is the vicks supposed to burn


Listerine! Soak toes 30 minutes daily in Listerine.
After 10 years, both big toe fungus gone!
Pedicures now are free of salon embarrassment!

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