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Holy hearing batman!!! After about two weeks of exhausting efforts, I finally broke down and went to the doctor. I had tried several ear candles, ear oil and an ear wax removal kit. I still coundn't hear out of my left ear. The first doctor said they were booked two weeks out. The second doctor looked in my ear and then said she didn't have the tools. The next doctor made an appointment for me seven days from now. I came home pretty mad and frustrated. Decided to get online and found your lovely website! Thanks to all the posts about olive oil and blasting it with warm water, I can hear again!! I was in such a hurry to hear that I had forgot about the oil though. That little blue thing is a life saver!

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Liberal Hater

You think you mad now waiting a whole week for a doctor's appointment, well wait until Obamacare takes full effect and it takes a month or two just to get to see a doctor...freaking worthless Democrats !!!


Ya thanks to them you can finally get health care just to bad its been run up in price for the last 10 or more years


I can't believe it been two with no joy then bam I come on here.So I go in the bathroom after put olive oil in for 15 minutes then I take my tooth jet washer fill it with really warm water and in a few minute my ear is unblocked thank u so much.

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