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So for the past few weeks I've been having issues with a toothache. I have already found the tooth causing the pain and knew it was only a matter of time before the pain became much worse. A few months ago I broke a filling off of this specific tooth while eating Skittles. The filling was done when I was a teenager and finally wore itself down. I've had a few remedies that worked wonders and a few that didn't. I'll list the things that worked in the beginning stages and how long it worked. Then I'll finish with the remedies that worked once the tooth was at its worst.

1. First stages of my toothache I used Orajel. I rubbed it on the gums around the tooth and even squeezed a bit inside the crack on my tooth. This remedy helped ease my pain for 15 minutes or so. Now that my tooth is 100% worse, this remedy doesn't touch it. It actually makes it worse.

2. I tried swishing with hot salt water. The only thing it did was make me want to throw my glass across the room. Apparently some teeth are sensitive to heat as well as cold. Never AGAIN!

3. For relief in the beginning I would brush my teeth. Making sure to coat my toothbrush with lots of toothpaste meant for sensitive teeth. Allowing the toothpaste to sit on the effected tooth always brought relief. I would finish by swishing mouth wash. I held it in my mouth for as long as possible. This remedy, however, no longer works.

4. In the beginning sometimes simply popping 4-5 Extra Strength Tylenol worked. Not quite sure why, but Ibuprofen didn't really work. If it did, it took hours to kick in. I also had left over Hydrocodone and Percocet from a recent surgery. Hydrocodone didn't even touch the pain, just made me very sick. Percocet does work, takes the pain away usually in 10 mins, but not something you want to take over and over again. Now that I am worse, the Tylenol is having no effect.

5. I tried rubbing Vanilla Extract on the tooth. It did nothing. Was kinda bummed by this because so many people swear by it. Possibly because my tooth is in worse shape than before.

6. I tried coating the tooth in Peanut Butter. The salt content is supposed to be relaxing. Felt and tasted good..but no long lasting relief.

7. Fiance' suggested crushing an Aspirin and sprinkling it on the effected tooth. First day I tried this..INSTANT RELIEF. I was quite surprised, as I expected it to flop. This remedy still works, but not as well as before. It doesn't remove the pain completely. Just dulls it.

8. new remedy that shocked me..I actually read on here. A woman mentioned crushing a Benadryl and sprinkling it on the tooth. Just like with the Aspirin mentioned above. So I went to my Dollar Store, bought the generic version, came back home and took 3 of them. No, I didn't crush it..because my stomach has been upset, nasty taste wasn't my friends. It took about an hour or so and finally the pain was manageable. It didn't go ALL THE WAY away, but it most certainly helped better than any remedy so far. helps aid in your sleep..if you have the ability to do so.

I am checking out a Dentist later on today. Thank GOD! Most likely going to request that they pull the entire tooth. That way I know for sure that the pain will never return. Hope everyone has found relief in there own way! :)

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Ashley D.

Instead of crushing a aspirin try extra strength goody powder or super fast...sprinkle son infected area and just take the rest as recommended...also extra strength excedrin works well at least until u can do the dentist...I understand ur pain...horrible feeling..


Throat spray , spray it on the tooth does wonders

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