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About a year ago, I decided I’d had enough with the plantar wart on the ball of my left foot. It had been there for at least 5 years and, being an avid roller derby player, was becoming excruciatingly painful. I’d read on this forum about apple cider vinegar and duct tape, so I thought I’d give it a try. Every night I soaked a cotton ball in ACV and held it to my foot with duct tape, then removed it in the morning and placed just duct tape on my foot. It was extraordinarily difficult to walk on, especially in heels, let alone skate on. And the questions about the duct tape on my foot were getting a little annoying. After 2-3 weeks of torture, I decided I’d had enough and gave up. BAD IDEA. That mother wart eventually turned into the entire ball of my foot being covered in what I can only assume is a “mosaic” of warts. It’s mortifying.

About 3 weeks ago, I revisited this same site and put together a collaboration of remedies – this time, I was resolved to get rid of this virus that has been plaguing me. I started a nightly treatment of applying 2 cotton balls soaked in ACV to my foot and secured them with duct tape just as I climb into bed. Trust me: You WILL wake up in extreme pain during the night. If I do, I pull the cotton balls/duct tape off, and replace it with just duct tape. In the morning, I rinse, brush crazy glue onto the ball of my foot, then cover with duct tape (the have crazy glue with a brush just like a nail polish brush – it’s great). In order to avoid the annoying questions of “why do you have duct tape on your foot?”, I would use just a small amount of tape to cover the affected area, then wrap athletic tape around my foot to not only secure it in place, but it also made it look like a sports injury. I periodically have peroneal tendonitis, so that is my constant scape goat. “What happened to your foot?” “Oh, I have peroneal tendonitis. This makes it feel better.” (even though I’m still limping around) ;)

At the end of the day, I choose either soaking my foot in hot water while reading or watching TV, or soaking it as much as I can in the shower. Assuming it’s not too painful, I take an emery board and scrape off as much dead skin as I can after soaking. My boyfriend and I took our children to the beach for a weekend, so I gave myself a break for a couple of days and used the sand as a natural emery board – no duct tape, ACV or glue. They were a nice, relatively pain-free couple of days.

Thus far, I am thrilled to report success! All of the very small warts around the edges have scraped off, and the mother wart is becoming smaller and more tender. I’m also noticing as time goes on that, since I’m essentially super-gluing duct tape to my foot every day, it’s pulling off the skin that is being killed by the ACV and minimizing my need to scrape so much. While I’m still limping around from last night’s treatment (I decided to forego the glue and duct tape today to give myself a break), I’m feeling a bit more confident that this monster’s life may very well be coming to an end.

Long story short: Don’t give up!!! :)

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