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Here's a surefire way to cure a sore throat this Christmas!!! Take a large candy cane off your tree and put it in a small pot. Also put half a glass of water into the pot. Turn the stove on medium heat and constantly move the candy cane around in the pot. Do not let it sit still!! Continue to move it around until it's completely dissolved (about 10 minutes). Pour into a glass and enjoy. It works instantly!

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Mama of 2 Squeedunks

This remedy worked great for my 16-month old toddler. Babies under age three aren't supposed to have honey, so it was hard to find a honey-free home remedy that didn't require gargling or contain something that tasted gross (good luck getting a toddler to eat garlic and olive oil!) :)

Mama of 2 Squeedunks

Oh, and I didn't have any candy canes. I used a peppermint candy that I got from a restaurant after my meal!


What is a Candy cane? is there another name to it?


A peppermint stick is the same as a candy cane


this remedy worked great for me thank you so much for it


this realy works, and it tastes good, i recomend it for those who don't like the taste of warm tea. plus it works great even if you have candy canes left over from last christmas (that's what i did).


It has made my sore throat less painful. Alot better than Sucrets.


this realy workz, thanks!!


This works awesome, but instead of using water, try milk!


This cure is great! I was on vacation with my fiance visiting family before Christmas, and he got sick. We didn't have access to the car to go to the grocery store to get some cold medicine and luckily my dad had bought candy canes for the tree! Instead of one, I used about one and a half and my fiance said it worked great. Also added a little milk after, like it was candy cane tea :D

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