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Anyone who is recommending a product here is clearly spamming since this is for home remedies, not products that cost $50 a bottle. That said, I have what I consider a minor case of warts on the shaft of my penis, flat but slightly raised in a little clusters. They have come and gone over the past couple of years when I first noticed them. More recently they've been more present, so I've had to take steps in removing them. I have used ACV, which in my case burns the outer layer of skin and some but not all of the warts. So, in a few days I have a small scab that falls off leaving the warts less obvious but still there. I have had success with a banana peel and to a lesser degree garlic. I'm in good health but do drink regularly so my immune system could be stressed. I'd say ACV is worth a shot. Will follow up as I experiment. At least I have them contained.

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ACV worked like a charm for me. I used it for three days. Granted I am hard core and used it for 2 hours a day.

Yes it did burn particularly on the third day.
Next day the warts turned white and in a week they were gone! That was five months ago and they have not come back.
These guys claiming ACV won't work are working for the Skinhale wart remover co. and they are lying trolls.


Currently trying the acv.. Sleeping with sterile makeup removing pads over night. Burns like hell, but seems to be working! Will update as I progress through this experiment.. - I have only had HPV for a little less than a month. Sadly, I came in contact with this by sharing a razor with my mother. I did not know she had HPV until afterwards... Humiliating to say the least. - really hoping this works, I'm much too embarrassed to go through extensive treatment..

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