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I've had RLS for years. One night I was wandering around unable to sleep and ate a couple of pickles (Claussen Dill Spears to be precise)and within five minutes my symptoms were gone. It could be the vinegar or one of the spices or whatever, all I know is I slept like a baby.

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Doesn't eating release dopamine? If RLS is caused by low dopamine levels, then perhaps eating anything would do the trick. I have had RLS every night for 25+ years and got into the very bad habit of getting up and eating way too much several times a night for many years. Now I just endure the pain. It's better for the weight.


BTW, the middle of the night eating did work for a number of years, but RLS gets worse with time. Relatively early on it bought me enough time to get to sleep - just as sex once worked. Now nothing works except exhaustion at about 4:00AM.


Ive been having this pain off and on for six yrs .Im only 33 Doctors aren't sure whats wrong with my legs I even get pain and numbness with my left arm .Does anyone know how I can ease any of this discomfort myself


Anyone who has dealt with having true RLS knows it can not be cured in one treatment. Mine started with a stressed job 23 years ago. I'd rub my legs together at night, had no idea what was in store for me. Then took benadryl at night. Fastforward to present and now I take mirapex 3x daily. I have started sipping on vinegar in the mornings and I have hopes that it will help me get off the meds.

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