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For all those people that have tried Fluconazole, for systemic infection you need 400 mg per day for at least 2 weeks. I have run the gauntlet and read the material for the pharmaceutical and now know that it takes 12,000 for several weeks for a toxic reaction. This is a very safe drug. Buy it on ebay or an overseas website. Sovereign Silver works very good too. Money spend on cream might be good for itching, but not a cure. 100 mg a day is not a cure. Not Nizoral (Ketoconazole) you need 5 mg per pound of weight you are, doctors need to realize that many skin infections are systemic and the correct dosage needs to be prescribed, but most do not do it right. All of the herbs you take is very costly and very time consuming and searching for the magic cure is difficult if not impossible. Who wants to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on these systemic candida or systemic fungal infections? If you want something done right, do it yourself, don't rely on the medical community to gauge correctly.

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