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Rub vicks on the jaw/cheek of the side of the face with the tooth ache burns a little but worth every bit of pain for that much needed relief by the way do not rub to close to the eye

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This vicks remedy worked for me, thank you so much for the tip, kind regards.

Lilie from six Nations Ont.

This vics workes for me but what i did was used the crushed benydral directly on the tooth then ribed the vics..... taated nasty n was little warm on the cheeck from the vics but worked almost instantly i feel so much better thanx


This worked for me almost immediately! Thank you!


This seems like it would work GREAT I JUST sent my hubby to the store to get me some beynadrl too bad I didnt know the vicks thing 1st!!! oh well I will knoe for future ref! I have a full top denture so I have been through some toothaches I have a calcium defecancy I was born with it and I have 4 kids and being pregnant killed what teeth I had left of my own so I will soon have none of my own teeth at 25 years of age and I have always went to the dentist and been very clean and brushed and my mom has spend thousands on my teeth it just isnt ment to be :( But thank you!!!


Omg. Instant relieve w crushed benadryl n vicks on in morning to have it removed ! Tha ks

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