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I have no idea why this works but it works every time. take a mouth full of diet 7up and hold it in your mouth over the tooth for about a minute. the pain disappears immediately. if it comes back repeat. after a couple of mouthfuls the to sake usually stays gone just keep on repeating till it does

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I wonder how many have fell for this and screamed in agony. Personally I will pass, sugar and soda aren't good for anything


I tried it. The other person that commented didnt read...they said DIET soda so theres no sugar. At any rate it worked for about 2 min.


It worked for a little bit yay...


I have had a toothache for 6 days now... I was up all night in pain crying my eyes out. I have tried Ibuprofen, salt water, hydrogen peroxide, Vicodin, baby oragel,and even some liquid Novocain that a friend was so nice to give me. My stomach is so upset from everything I actually threw up this morning. I came across this 7up trick on here and it works!! It took 3 mouthfuls to get it to go away and I have to repeat every 10 minutes or so but the pain is bearable now. And it tastes so much better than most of the other options on here!!

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