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Obesity is a bane that afflicts a large number of people. It is estimated that 38% percent of American adults are obese. Children too are prone to it with 19% of them overweight.

Nauru has the pride(?) of place in the world with a staggering figure of 71% of its citizens being overweight. The world is steadily hurtling towards increasing the mass of the Earth to a high level. It is just as well it can not drown anywhere!

Obesity doubles as a catalyst to subject you to diseases like osteoarthritis, type 2 diabetics and even cancer. Others in the list are sleep apnea and various heart diseases. Impressive, isn't?

The discomfort you feel, your inability to walk with ease are all ever present. If you get attention from the other gender, it is all for wrong reasons.
You embark upon a slew of exercises recommended by health personnel, friends, acquaintances and strangers. No dice? You know the sooner you puncture the tire around your waist, the better.

Do you want to present a presentable look? Do you want to feel as brisk as a young Sylvester Stallone?

Here is succor, provided by age-old wisdom:

Take a ripe ash gourd, cut into pieces and put the pieces in a mixer/grinder. Reduce it to a pulp. It is not really tasty but remember you are not having your dinner. If it turns out that you are just not up to it, add just A LITTLE sugar and take it. Do not hurry doing it.

Or, you can take 4 or 5 garlic cloves and roast them without them getting burned. Just pop them into your mouth to chew. It is not repulsive, I can tell you. Or, you can boil them in milk and you can swallow the whole thing. This too will reduce the unwanted flab and in time, completely get it of it.

Have this every morning in empty stomach until you see the transformation in your body. It may even take a month or so. So what?

Now, go out and get her! And, thank grandmas of the world!

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