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I have found only one thing that is currently helping me with my severe anxiety. It's called EMDR. It was discovered it 1989 and it has been tried and improved for 24 years. My anxiety is from severe trauma and child abuse. It not a chemical imbalance. It is repressed violent events that create an anxious feeling. I know it is helping me and I know it will cure me. Drugs don't help. They never did. There are more and more people learning about this treatment every year. And my social worker who does it takes Medicare. So it can be affordable. I wish everyone here who has anxiety could find out for sure if it just a chemical imbalance or buried trauma lurking in the back of their minds. I hope someone finds this post helpful.

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EMDR has really helped me as well. I think it is the best form of therapy for child abuse and PTSD that I have found.


I am asking God to help me find a cure for all my health and other problems in life today. Dear god please help me find a cure for all of my health issues I am aware and unaware of let this happen in my life today please cure me today and rid me of all my troubles today so that from tomorrow I will live a happy and healthy life all the days of my life. Thank you God

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