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Hi! I've had BV for a very long time and I didn't even know that I have one because I didn't know the 'normal' smell down there. I thought the smell of my vajay is normal until I had UTI. I was prescribed antibiotics and I was surprised because the odor disappeared after the medication. After many years, the smell became different again and I knew it isn't normal. I searched the internet for remedies and I finally got the one that worked for me! so here it is for you ladies!

I used Hydrogen Peroxide 3% solution. I stopped using my feminine wash and change to a diluted Peroxide. Dilute 5ml Peroxide to 10ml of water and wash use it to wash your V. I used it 3x a day. Just 2 days and the smell went away! It was amazing! I also tried dipping a tampon to the diluted solution and inserted it overnight. I hope this works for you too. This is great because I didn't have to go to the doctor and have antibiotics again. Its all natural and cost effective!

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How long did you used the peroxide? Please answer :(


I did for 3 days and it was gone! The smell decreases everyday the moment you start inserting the tampon with peroxide so it's up to you when to stop. I stopped at the 3rd day and the smell didn't comeback :)


This worked for me too thank you! however, the smell still comes back when my bf tried cumming inside of me. But every time the smell comes back, I just do these trick again and it'll be gone. It's ok to do it again and again cause it has the same ph as your vagina. So it's safe and yes it is freaking cost effective

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