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Before going to bed, take a multivitamin and drink as much water or high electrolyte beverage as possible. Hangovers are caused by dehydration and a lack of vitamins and minerals in the body. I use this remedy all the time, and I never wake up with a hangover

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This works great! I am VERY experinced with hangovers and years of trial and error supports this remedy.

I always have several glasses of water, a multi-vitamin, and a piece of bread and cheese (to keep sugar levels up through the night) before going to bed.

In the morning: more water, 1 bananna, 1 egg w/toast and tomato juice. Sleep.

Also works great: 'Chaser' supplement, sold at Walgreen's Drugstore. Active ingredient is charcoal, which is what emergency rooms use for patients who have overdosed on various substances. This is what 2 RN's told me. However, you have to take this while you're drinking . . . a great prevatative measure!


I always take 2 Advil before I go to bed and I never have a hangover...


so - i got really drunk last night and ive been drinkin gatoraid all morning! i dont feel sick - i still feel a little tipsy- but its not bad


how the hell does a drunk person remember 'hmm, i need to do this and this and this before i pass out- i mean, fall asleep, so that i won't be hung over tomorrow'?

this isn't just for yours, it's for all the ones that are to prevent a hangover.


Eating the multivitamin won't do much but won't hurt. It takes time for any vitamin to have observable effects on your system.

Eating an often make the hangover worse, however. When the body sets out to digest the food, it can be painful.

The water solution is a good one, however.


I used to have HORRIBLE hangovers, but I started to come home and drink a glass or two of water(if you can stomach more-go for it) and i usually eat something just to get the alcohol out faster now that something new has to move down to digest. Havent had a hangover since

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