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After giving birth to my son over two years ago I got this sore in the corner of my mouth. I could get rid of it for short amounts of time. Then it appeared on the crease of my nose and the crease of my ear lobe.I tried everything I could find on the internet, creams, tea tree oil,vinegar, supplements. My doctor said to take zinc. With my second pregnancy it got worse. It would not go away. Finally I added daily greens to my diet, kale, baby spinach and green lettuces. It went away and I can tell if Im not eating enough greens cause it starts to come back. I was obviously deficient in something probably cause of being pregnant and breastfeeding my body needed something I wasnt getting. I am so thankful not to have those awful sores anymore!

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After taking the advice of eating more leafy greens (spinach and kale) on a regular basis, within a week, the cracked resolved itself finally after 4 weeks of suffering. I've had these for years and usually one bout will last for 4 weeks even after applying every cream recommended(monistat, Denovir, etc.). Even taking pills such as Lysine and Zinc were not enough to cure it. Through 2 servings a day, I feel more hopeful that I will have fewer outbreaks in the future. Thank you!

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