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I tried to clean my ears by tilting my head in the shower, which resulted in impacted ear wax plug pressing on my eardrum. What agony! Tried ear wax removal kit from Walgreens, peroxide mix, irrigation. Went to my primary physician, she tried several times, failed. Seriously, including dr's attempts, must have done this about 40 times in two days. Problem was getting worse, not better. Terrible pressure on the ear drum, pain, no hearing on this side. Tried ear pick (pinched from dr's office), no luck, the stuff was too hard to dig into, plus it's a risky procedure. I was going nuts, felt like trying a paint can opener, a long screw, anything to get this stuff out.
Finally went out to Walgreens and bought Debrox kit. One 15 minute application, two forceful and well-directed irrigations with warm water and the rubber bulb from the kit, and the plug came out. What a relief! This plug was hard as a rock, but Debrox dissolved the outer layer, which allowed it to come out. So I stand by Debrox, and they should pay me for spreading the word! Good luck, folks, it's no fun.

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Debrox did not work for me. Olive oil did.

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