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Iodine kills ringworm. A few drops or apply with a q tip. Have used it on my dog when he's gotten ringworm too (vet tech offered this advice) and it clears it up in about a week. Be very careful to make sure this is NOT ingested by humans or animals! If applying to a dog my suggestion is to apply with a q tip, cotton swab or a few drops from the applicator (wouldn't touch directly to affected skin though) and then take the dog out for a 20 minute walk so you can keep an eye out and be SURE he doesn't lick at it.

This has worked for me (twice), my dog (twice, once on his muzzle and once on his hind leg) and a friend of mine who was unfortunate enough to get ringworm on her scalp.

As a side note iodine on skin in the sunlight looks toxic yellow. Betadine is a 'watered down' form of iodine which works too.

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So I was looking on this website for a cure for ringworms but then nothing worked so inside I went to Walmart and got a treatment called Prosacea. Trust me it works.

Tonya, Oak Park

Iodine really does work. I used it when my children were small and had a ringworm. Their elderly sitter told me about it and I will swear by it!

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