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1. Sunlight kills fungus. Notice how mushrooms and other fungi only grow in wet, shady areas. It is the same with ringworm. Spend at least an hour in the sun each day. Keep the affected skin dry and exposed to as much sun as possible without burning your skin. No sunscreen.

2. 100% tea tree oil 3-4 times a day and overnight.

I tried ACV, honey and cinnamon, rose oil, and a few other things, but it was the sunshine that started to make a huge difference. Tea tree oil dries up the skin eruptions quickly as well.

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Tea Tree oil is a strong anti-fungal and I do recommend it but ringworm actually thrives in the warmth which is why it likes to grow inbetween toes and on the womans inner thigh in the above comment so I don't think sun will help.


Sun will work. It's warm AND wet conditions that are conducive fungi growth. As long as the area is kept dry, sunlight will help kill the fungus. You never see fungus growing in direct sunlight. It grows strictly in warm (which can be from indirect sunlight) and wet environments. Please do some research before you comment on whether or not something will work. I appreciate that you verified use of the tea tree oil, but you shouldn't discourage a method just because you think it won't work.

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