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leah mary

Chaga dry mushrooms finely ground to a power (must be very fine). Then mix with just a little water to make a paste. Apply to sores directly . i was trying everything to relive the pain this helped as soon as it made contact with lesions. I'm not a doc or anything but i heard a thing or two about how good chaga mushroom is for building the immune systeme fighting viruses and bacteria and is an antioxidant and much more!! Loook it up but you can trust me it freaking cures everything!

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Me again also making a tea and drink 3 times a day will also give an extra kick to your immune system can help as much or more then all the foods and vitamins put together. Also very important if you have HIV. I don't but it's been proven to help. Search chaga mushroom here in the site and they can link you to more info.

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