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fill the exposed area with; gum, tooth paste, cheese (room temp or your'e gonna scream also stay away from jalapeno Havarti), things like that. anything putty or gummy like that is safe to eat and does not have sugar or spice. Alternatively you may want to try the following... take an entire bottle of pain pills. drink an entire bottle of Vodka. stub your toe and pull out your nose hair so the tooth ache doesnt seem so bad. just kidding. the puuty/paste things helps a lot.

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Ur an idiot if u do any of these ideas 1. Because u could overdose abc die and 2. Because mixing pills and alcohol could kill u and stubbing your toe will just cause more pain and so will pulling nose hair the best thing to do is go to a dentist n don't drink or eat any sugary things. Ur a complete and total dumbass for mentioning any of those ideas


I agree that the drugs and booze and hurting yourself is dumb but the person slamming this posting i just read, over-reacted in my opinion. I believe that was meant as a joke as to take your mind off the pain. However looking past the bs i tried the gum idea just to try anything and our friends daughter over here Christmas night had some sugar-free watermelon gum and yum yum numb numb. lol in less than five minutes no more pain its been an hour now. I can chew it or let it sit and I'm fine. Like i could go to the dentist at 8pm on Christmas night. this will get me through til i can see one soon. thanks for the idea most inventions come from bs being kicked around and silly stuff being said as a joke. good luck and thanks again Merry Christmas


He obviously said just kidding smart asses


Thank you, Kevin(whomever you are!) I have been up all night with severe tooth pain(I'm pretty sure I have an exposed nerve) All I had was some sugar-free watermelon gum. Packed it in the hole and like you said, the severe pain was temporarily halted. Takes 90 percent of the pain away. Going to dentist today. Thanks, man!


I thought the original comment was Hilarious!! I am in total pain and they made me LOL all over the place!!! Some people need to chill :) I try to use Red wine to help redirect the pain at night.....I will try the Dentemp stuff too!


Obviously the first 2 anonymous posters are the idiots and have no sense of humor!!!!! Ps I do this most nights and I don't have a toothache....

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