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This seems to be working! Antibiotics felt like chemo so stopped after 3 days.

Unsweetened cranberry juice
Braggs vinegar tablespoon threeXs a day
Hot epsom salt bath
A little sunshine

Seems to be working

Wish me luck!

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Ok So how do all you people treat a child with a UTI? They won't drink all this stuff, never mind sweetened cranberry juice! My 3 yr old daughter keeps getting UTI's and my DR doesn't want to treat her, I have to insist and keep after him, her pee smells so bad and she pee's her panties alot!


The main reason children get them is due to their feces. Keep the area as clean as possible and this should not happen.


My nieces had alot of problems when the were very little with uti. My sister was very careful with wiping and only showers. One of the changes that made a huge difference is she started washing their underclothes in Drift laundry soap and stopped using fabric softeners.

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