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I'm an avid ice fisherman so when I could not take the head pressure from ear wax build up I rented a power auger from Joe's rent-all and remedied the problem in ten seconds flat. I did work up a sweat trying to pull start that old smokey brigs and stranton motor though.

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Never use power augers without eye protection!


Now thats funny! good one!!


Dont know who u are but ur a real dick!


I have a really painful ear infection
and your comment is probably the first time I've smiled in fact actually giggled out loud in 2 days..
I will use eye protection though xoxox thank you


OMG that is the funniest thing I've seen on the internet in months....

Justin deeds California.

Hey jackoff,Your stuff isn't amusing to people looking for help or tips on this problem. Didn't your pa teach you there's a time an a place? Yee hah.

Justin deeds again california

P.s to anyone that got a chuckle outta the 40 year old virgin comments. Is living a sheltered life,needs to stop smoking blunts before browsing online, Or just needs to tune in some standup comedy to get what's


A avid Ice fisherman.ha ha .A avid human' Chic repellant'
Is more like it. Now that's funny I don't care who ya are.

Falling Rock

GAHHH! Why would anybody vote this idea as high as a 5? I would give it a Minus 10, if MHR would provide that option. You don't want to put a power auger in your ear! That's crazy, when a #10 Easy-out would do the trick a lot cheaper.


I beleive you fell thru the ice and it effected your thinking.

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