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Cranberry! I know people say you can take out dairy and caffeine, but those are probably my two favorite 'food groups' in this world so I'm not willing to do it just because I'm a female. Bananas somewhat work for me since they have the magnesium you need to help, but I started taking cranberry pills about two years ago and it's worked wonders. I take about 2000-3000 mg over the course of a day (you can get pills from just about anywhere) about five days before my period starts and I have SIGNIFICANTLY lower cramping (and I definitely have debilitating cramps). I forgot to take them a few times and each time I forgot my cramps were back to horrific. I also take ibuprofen for my back pain then, but other than that it works like a charm for me. Everyone will probably be different, but the best peace of home remedy information that I learned is that people often don't take enough of it to be effective! So if you're going to try three a day. One other thing, my friend does eat a lot of yogurt for her cramps and that does seem to help for her, but never did for me.

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Thanks for the tip! I'm on my cycler right now, so I'll try this!

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