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I have no idea why this works for me, but when I feel the reflux beginning I take a mucinex. I keep generic, no colors added guafenesin from the dollar store(30 pills for $1) on hand, and it has always helped. I don't even know how I figured out this was helping, but it does. I'm think maybe a food allergy triggers excess mucus and stops the flow of the intestines downward, therefore causing the backup of acid from my stomach into the esophagus. Takes about 15 minutes for relief to be felt, but lasts a long time.

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I have found this to be true as well. I hate taking any kind of over-the-counter med for this though, esp one that seems as 'harsh' as musinex, so I refrain from taking it very often. I'd sure like to find a homeopathic remedy. Lot's to try on this site, so there is hope.


the mucus is indeed caused by a food allergy, most commonly gluten. Take gluten out of your diet to see if it makes a difference. If that is the case, it should make a difference within two nights, and then your reflux will eventually go away. It won't happen overnight, but gradually your stomach will recover and you will stop having reflux.

Do yourself a favor too and stop taking otc pain meds and stuff like Musinex. All of those things destroy your stomach lining worse than anything and you get on a vicious cycle that's hard to get off of. Get off pain meds that you take every day and eventually (4-6 weeks) you will establish a new baseline and you won't even need them anymore. Seems like these drug companies are in each other's pockets and creating these maladies for us that then create these vicious cycles...

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