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Bag Balm works the best for diaper rash,in can get it at feed stores,it's for cow utters,I have been using it for 20 years,it's AWSOME ,works's also great for eczema,burns,cuts,chapped lips etc.try it and u won't use anything else,it's in a cube like green can with a pic of cow utters on it.

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Thank you thank you Lydia - I have tried many remedies but nothing worked - when you suggested Bag Balm i thought why not - have some in the drawer - Woot - worked first application


what is it made of? ingredients?


I used the Bag Balm on both my daughter and my son. It definitely works wonders! I'm guessing you can pretty much find it anywhere because I live in south Louisiana. I highly recommend it! No sure of the ingredients but it works and gives relief when nothing else would! Good luck!


I know this is not have anything to do with babies but Bag Balm good for hemorrhoids



I've been using BAG balm since I was little and now I use on my baby! Will never use anything else

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