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I've had a boil before a few months back that was only a small one that didn't hurt that much but then a few days ago I noticed another one forming in the exact same spot on my inner right thigh. This one hurt like crazy, I couldn't walk or sit or move for that matter without being in a lot of pain. Yesterday I started looking up remedies on this website and came across a few that seemed to work. So I used a hot compress for about 5 minutes at a time dipping the cloth into water after every 5 minutes (3 times total). I decided to try the toothpaste thing and put aquafresh toothpaste on the boil then covered it with gauze. Half an hour ago I woke up and it had burst on its own throughout the night. THANK GOD! The pain is pretty much gone and it's draining. I've never been in so much pain before and I've broken bones and dislocated knees before and this was the worst. Try this and I hope it works

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