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Ok, so I have suffered with YI for a long time. This time, I couldn't take it! Thr itch was so bad I reallywanted to scratch down therr with a toothbrush.. I didn't have anything and was desperate for relief. I used pure vanilla extract for my kids when they cut a tooth and thought why not try. I dipped a q tip in and coated all areas. What do you know, INSTANT RELIEF!!! no major burning. No more itch. Fantastic

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This legit worked omg, the creams burned soo bad and I tried this and the burning was not intense or anything and currently I feel so much better :D I would totally recommend this I'm only 15


OMG....this Totally works! I was in tears ..tried vanilla...4 hours later still itch free! I am telling all my girlfriends. Thank u!!!!!!


Tried this because at this point I'm desperate for anything and unforutnatly it didn't work just burned for a few mins


Really didn't have much around the house that I could work with. I had read the one about the vanilla extract and tried it cause at this point I would try anything to make the burning and itching go away and it gave me alot of relieve. I actually can say no more burning and itching:)


Totally just tried this.. Burned like hell at first but it worked! Maybe I can sleep now..

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