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Hi all u frustrated parents, I have two amazing boys one is 5 and a half and the other is 3. My 3 year old son was so quick and easy to day train he was done within a week at the age of 2. By 2 and a half he had three dry nights and I removed his nappy and he has been dry since. As for my 5 and a half year old he almost took 2 years to day train we started when he was 2 and sent his to kinder still training at 3 and a half. I read other sudjestions on this site which got me to go to the health food shop and they sudjested Kali phos. I bought it on saturday and started it straight away, I am surprised, excited and so proud to say that it is only Tuesday and he has had two dry nights.. We have had the alarm pad and that showed us that he wet min 5 times a night and he never heard the alarm...
Good luck to all u other parents and I hope this helps someone out there because it has helped us...

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What if you wet your bed at 18 years old? (help)


To the 18 year old, it may be constipation. It may seem odd but it's possible. Start a high-fiber diet, consult a doctor, have an x-ray done to assist with this.

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