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Here is my story and it is a cautionary tale. I had a toothache and desired to treat it naturally. I read all of the forums, studied the tips and tricks. I began treating my tooth with clove oil and oregano oil. I took garlic pills and make fresh garlic poultices which I applied religiously. I applied tea bags to my gums and rinsed with salt water. I managed to numb the nerves and calm the inflammation. In other word, I hid all of the symptoms. Then one day, I awoke to find half of my face swollen to twice its normal dimensions. I then broke down and went to the dentist. She was caring and kind and did not scold me for not coming in earlier but showed me on my x-rays how I had allowed the infection in my jaw to eat away at the bone to the point that my tooth no longer had an adequate socket to hold it in place. As a result, a relatively minor tooth abscess which could have been treated by the dentist has led to the loss of a tooth and a weakening of my jaw to the point that I may need surgery to restore it (I will know once my body has had the chance to heal). My point is that although I do prefer natural healing techniques, be very careful when using them and remember that a dentist should be consulted regardless of your choice of strategies. My dentist tells me that she guides some patients in their natural remedy use and ells them when to switch over to modern medical and dental techniques. In retrospect, I wish I had opted for the dentist first, saved my tooth and avoided a lot of complication.

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You can help restore the bone if you take Biodent from Standard Process. It works really well in building up bone loss. You can get it on Amazon, but mostly you can get it at a naturopath or chiropractor. Do research on it. Standard Process has wonderful products. I am taking it right now because I had an infection in a molar that broke. I am taking 10 of the Biodent tablets a day. I am also on an antibiotic. Feel better!

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