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to cure ingrown toe nail on big toe I soak in Epsom salts in warm water for 15 to 20 min. then take a good metal nail file and file down the top center of the toenail until it is thinner and you can feel a flat spot on the top of the nail. take care not to file too much just make it thinner. the ingrown part will lift out after walking awhile and will grow out normally. this worked for me with no pain, and lasted several years before I had to file the thick toenail down again.

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Yeah, shared the 'gently file down the top middle of the nail approach' with a guy hurting badly on Appalachian Trail years ago...said he could feel the pressure being relieved almost the time the idea came to me as a 'gift' to share with one who was suffering...also needed to use it myself sometime later with good success.

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