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My 8yo daughter had a cluster of about 4 or 5 warts which I had been treating intermittently with the acid treatment for about 4 months. It wasn't working. After reading many of these comments, I decided to give Thyme Oil a go... However I needed to go and buy it, so in the meantime I decided to give Tea Tree Oil a go (like thyme oil it's a great antiseptic, but less likely to iirritate the skin). I dabbed the tea tree oil on with a cotton bud, and she wore a sock to bed. I could see an improvement the next day, I was amazed. Day 2 she had a nice long bath which enabled me to get rid of a layer of skin (after all the acid treatments her toe was a mess). For the first time, she really let me give it a good scrape and I even managed to loosen one of the warts which had been a problem. I think the long soak was a great help. Second lot of TT oil. She wouldn't let me scrape again the next day, so just another dab of oil & sock wearing. We were both encouraged by the continuing improvement, 3rd day scrape I managed to easily flick off a wart with the pumice stone, and the next day one fell off on its own (gross!). By the 5th day the original and largest one I was able to simply scrape off. Amazing!! So happy after many months of stress & acid treatments, her toe is finally free of those useless warts!

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