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Everyone is different. I've tried all kinds of remedies. Had migraines since i was 6, am 35 now. My go to nowadays is excedrin at the early stages, but it can have a rebound effect if taken more than two-three times a week. So,some things I will try that sometimes work are: 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar in a little water with honey
Feverfew-three capsules but I notice they mess up my cycle and I already have menstrual migraines so that usually makes them worse
Ginger with ibuprofen, well it worked the first time I tried it then not so much but heard it works for some
Cold pack/ice pack all around my head or at least on the side of pain
Having someone press at the base of my neck, the two bumpy areas where your skull meets your neck if that makes sense
Vitamin B2- 400mg daily, his one you have to take daily for a month or so but I noticed fewer migraines when I used it and am starting it again
I've heard magnesium can help, supposedly we're deficient in mag when we have migraines
Fish oil-omega 3 is supposed to be another good one for inflammation
Basically figuring out your triggers and staying away, foods that cause inflammation are a big no no
Taking diphenhydramine and going to bed! Usually this works great!
Peppermint oil on your forehead and temples eases my pain temporarily but doesn't make it stop
I'm going to look into the blood type diet soon and see if that might help with them. Seeing a neurologist is a great idea, it can take some trial and error at first. But if your like me and don't have insurance that's out of the picture. One that I saw some years ago had me try topamax whichade me into a sloth.
About the only thing I haven't tried and heard can help is Botox so maybe if I ever get insurance!

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I tried Botox didn't really help me. Got the medicine in on the first side, effects didn't last long, but couldn't do it on the other side...


I've had 3 sets of botox and it didn't help me. I've been to two neurologist, a headache specialist and a pain management doctor and I am still suffering with no relief.

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