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I had constant UTI's for YEARS. Recently i had fallen off of my moms insurance due to her retiring, and i basically had to find a way without antibiotics to help this. In turn i did my research and i took these pills that were sworn on the internet to work, called 'Bilberry' DID NOT WORK. All they did was give me the worst leg pains, they were a bit scary and i don't suggest them for anyone. I kept researching and finally i came across D-mannose, now scientifically speaking D-mannose is found in cranberry pills it is the main ingredient that causes cranberry pills to be so good for Urinary tract infections; without all the BAD sugar. D-mannose is in fact a sugar though, a good sugar much like Glucose which is essential for our bodies. On that note from what I've researched D-mannose has no bad side effects to the body ( and is also safe for diabetics). What D-mannose does is it acts as a 'distraction' or 'bait' for bacteria such as E-coli (which causes about 90% of UTI's) the bacteria cling to the D-mannose and then get flushed out, through your urine! Now as much as i WORSHIP and PROMOTE this product, i suggest pairing it with GARLIC, which is what i did. Why Garlic? Garlic is a natural antibiotic! Doctors abuse their privileges to give out antibiotics and these harsh chemicals and UN-natural pills can kill bad AND good bacteria; GARLIC on the other hand only kills bad bacteria, and ALSO unlike antibiotics garlic is USED to treat yeast infections, your UTI's best friend after treatment. The Garlic and D-mannose work so well together because while the D-mannose flushes most of the bacteria out the garlic, which again is a natural antibiotic, can target the few bacteria cells that still remain; Which in turn will flush out the bacteria more efficiently and kill ALL of them instead of MOST of them. Okay so go to your vitamin shop buy Garlic pills and D-mannose Pair these two together and wala your UTI is gone FOREVER. I do not take the D-mannose every single day but i do take the garlic every day! I Hope this helps


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Reeba Khan

Kristen thank you so much!!!!
I woke up around 3 AM with this horrible pain
And u seriously saved my life..It was Sunday and first thing I did was to go to vitamin shop and fetch your recommended vitamins.Today m a lot better and had a good sleep.
Thank you so much for this helpful post.


Actually, according WebMD, D-Mannose affects the kidneys and should not be used by diabetics or anyone with kidney problems or with other blood sugar problems.


Have terrible UTI right now...have been on D-Mannose for quite some doesn't help me at all...maybe if I put the garlic with it...I am about ready to pull out my hair.

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